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Ahead for Red Visual Identity

Editorial Design & Branding

» Description: Creation of the visual identity for the photo book «Ahed for Red» by Jose Campos Rojas

» Inspiration and references

Additional to the photographs on the book, which are inspired by the color red and the city of Chicago, the graphic design of the book takes elements from the CTA ‘L’ Train Red Line like signs, timetables, maps and the number 47 (the age of the author by the time of the publication of the book) from the 47th Station.

» Origin of the brand

The name of the book, «Ahead for Red», comes from one of the signs (Ahead for Red Line Trains) in the Cemark-Chinatown ‘L’ Station of the CTA Red Line, as seen in the next photo.

» The design elements, clean and simple

Evolution of the visual identity for «Ahead for Red» including the logo, the icon, the number 47 (inspired by the 47th station) represented as metro tiles and as part of a pattern, and the index of the book represented as a stations map.

» The book

As a result of the curation process made with my friend and colleague JP Monge, the concept behind the project and the graphic and editorial design (the ride has 47 double page «stations»), «Ahead for Red» was published as a soft cover, full color photo book and inspired a photography exhibition.

» The merch

Coffee mugs, t-shirts and hoodies in different fabric colors were produced to support the publication of the photo book and the photography exhibition that came with it. The photo session, with yours truly as a «model», was made by my friend and colleague Luis Alvarado in his studio.