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‘ArtStudio Magazine’ Website and Branding

Graphic and Web Design

» Description: From 2003 until 2017, ArtStudio Magazine was an online publication which became a reference in Costa Rica in the arts and entertainment communications field.

For me, as founder and director of the magazine, was also an oasis of design creativity. It was a project to learn, experiment and grow working hand to hand with an incredible group of colleagues and friends.

» The Magazine

During the first stages of the magazine, we built the website from scratch, using HTML and CSS, that’s why we worked with bimonthly editions, as if it was a print magazine. Later, we used WordPress to build the publication and to publish the contents with a different dynamic. Changes and improvements of the look and feel of ArtStudio Magazine were part of the process.

» The Logo

ArtStudio Magazine logo had several and constant changes over the almost 14 years the magazine was online. Red, and its variations, was always the main color in the magazine’s palette. Not only the main logo of ASM was subject to constant changes, but also the anniversary logos, which always had a circle as their distinctive shape.

» Prints and Branding

ArtStudio Magazine was a very active project, not only as media but also as a reference design project in Costa Rica. That’s why our magazine was invited to sponsor and be part of art events such as festivals, exhibitions and academic events. Business cards, pins, stickers, batch IDs, media kits, posters and more were part of our regular efforts to have presence beyond online.