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‘Headshots’ Photography Exhibition

Graphic Design for an Art Event

» Description: Creation of the visual identity and design of the graphics needed for the photography exhibition ‘Headshots’ and its promotion by Jose Campos Rojas. The exhibition took place in the Sophia Wanamaker Gallery in San Pedro, Costa Rica.


The project started in 2017 as a portrait one, which with time grew and became a photography exhibition focused in the power of the headshots and the close you, as a photographer and as spectator, become with the subjects of this kind photos.


The curating process of ‘Headshots’ was in charge of artist and photographer Adrian Coto.

» Promotional Campaign

Social media, TV screens and print posters, as well as customized digital invitations, were the tools used to invite people to the opening event for ‘Headshots’ and to visit it during the time it was open to the public.

» Signage, digital invitations and name tags for the gallery

» Early concepts

These are some of the early graphic concepts I started sketching for ‘Headshots’ back in 2018.


At that time the name of the project was already there, but the integration between the models and the visuals was just giving its first steps.


The layout with the nine ‘vignettes’, paying homage to the pages of the graphic novel ‘Watchmen’, and matching the nine letters of the word ‘Headshots’ was something I wanted to keep since the early stages of the process.

» Virtual Tour

‘Headshots’ the photography exhibition was open to the public for nearly two months at the Sophia Wanamaker Gallery in San Pedro, Costa Rica.


For those who didn’t had to chance to visit it, I hired my friend and colleague Isaac Martinez to document it with a 360 Virtual Tour.

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