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‘National Stadium’ logo versions and uses


» Description: A part of the promotion of my documentary photography project about the construction of the new National Stadium of Costa Rica, I designed a logo for several uses.

The project lead to the publication of the book ‘National Stadium Metamorphosis of an Icon’ and a photography exhibition amongst others.

The logo went through minor improvements, specially the ones related to the fonts used.

» Version 1

Created back in 2010, this version of the logo with the legend «National Stadium, San Jose, Costa Rica», was used as a watermark when I published in social media some of the work I did for this project. Also, it was used in the design of some postcards an other promotional items. Black, grey and some white for the columns, were the tones used in this logo.

» Version 2

The stadium crest and the colors remained the same as in version 1, but legend was changed for the name of the book «National Stadium Metamorphosis of an Icon» and as in the publication y used Helvetica as the main font.

» Version 3

For this version the legend for the logo was changed to «National Stadium of Costa Rica». I made it a more simple version with only one tone, gray over white background and with the chance that could be used inverted as well. It was used in the design of some postcards I produced and made available to sell.

» Version 4

Some minors improvements  were made in the structure of the vectors, and the color changed for a «gold» like look to use over a dark background as part of a new editorial project in the making.